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Bruce Springsteen - Milão - 25 Junho 2008 (1)

Estádio San Siro, Milão, fim de tarde, dia 25 Junho de 2008

Texto retirado do site oficial e fotografias de várias fontes.

Oldies and Goodies (by Karl Birthistle)

The stunning, masterful, majestic beauty of "Racing in the Street" alone would have been reason enough to travel six hours by train, tram and foot to see this wonderful show. But Milan had everything: the old, the obscure, the moving, the thrilling, the funny and even the Summertime Blues.

The setlist reflects the eclecticism of recent shows, unpredictable and utterly enthralling. We are privileged to be seeing what many believe to be possibly the best E Street Band performances; as Bruce himself has said, they are currently at a peak. Night after night we are graced with passion, energy, and set lists beyond our dreams.

It was incredibly hot in the San Siro, but at least this time, as Bruce said, "there's no rain!" An electric air of expectancy grew from the crowd, chanting and waving 40 minutes before the show began. The whole city was in Bruce-festival mood, with newspapers, street vendors all screaming his name.

And then the show opened as if we were in the Agora in Cleveland 1978 -- I have listened to recordings of that show for many years, and then to hear Bruce and Clarence sing "Summertime Blues" here was simply unreal. The guitar duel between Bruce and Steve on "Prove It All Night" was blistering, bewildering and compelling. "Spirit in the Night" is the centerpiece of the early part of the show, with Bruce "communing," interacting so fully with the people. It was a night where the unexpected and the expected were preformed equally brilliantly, such as the almost indescribable crowd participation of "Hungry Heart." Charlie was superb on this one. "I'm on Fire" was performed to the front crowd on a small chair, and then that rapturous "Racing," played as a request for Milano!

And as for the encores -- spotlight on a huge sign for "Detroit Medley" up in the stands, a raucous "Rosie," and the thrill of "Twist and Shout"... we danced till we were exhausted. What is it with Bruce in Milan?! It's always an epic occasion.

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